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“Thank you so very, very, very much for the spectacular Women’s Leadership Retreat. As I said to as many of you as I could get my arms around before leaving, if I could have asked for a particular kind of retreat–information, ideas, playfulness, healing, beautiful food–I would have asked for this retreat. But I would never have dared to believe it was possible. To have the kind of “out there” ideas that I am reading about and playing with in a shy way by myself, brought into the heart and midst of such a diverse group of local women and given credence and credibility; it makes everything seem possible and I am grateful beyond words. The healing session was deep, deep work and shifted all sorts of cloudy stuff until (a few liters of tears later) the sacred child glowed at the centre; I promise I’ll make her the star of the show”.

“Where does one start when words seem so small! Thank you Jemima and Kate for giving me a chance to rediscover the most precious gift, myself. Thank you for giving me a chance to really see that change can happen and it starts with me. Thank you to Corrine and Wonderful Amanda, the counselors and the complementary Therapists for the heart driven work that you do. Thank you to all the wonderful and inspiring energy balls of light that all the women who went are. Thank you for giving me the space to shine, re-centre and remember who I truly am. My underwoman was in chains before this weekend; chained to a half life dictated my old paradigm and fear of being all I can be. Thanks to you amazing women, I now have polished off my dream that I had hidden from myself thinking (not feeling at all) that my dream was not worthy or I was not worthy. Blessings to you all and Gratitude to everyone for the reclamation of my fertile female Self and the acknowledgement that she has something of worth to offer if I listen”.


Thank you for your amazing work putting together a fantastic weekend for our fellow women leaders. I was challenged, felt lots of love and support, gained some amazing new skills and at times was a little uncomfortable but that is what the weekend was about and from this I have rediscovered the leader within me and enabled me to pull together all the voices in my head culminating in my vision board (that’s already hanging in my bedroom). The venue, speakers, therapies and food were fantastic. I know the incredible effort that went into the weekend and appreciate the wonderful opportunity to be involved. Thank you with all my heart!”

“I cannot thank you enough for last weekend! I made new friends & have not laughed so hard (my sides still hurt) for a long time. I found a part of myself that I had lost and learnt things about my inner self that I did not know. I have come home with a different perspective on life, my life! The tears will still flow but my angels are with me to help guide the way & I have you all to thank for that”.

“Thank you all so much for all the work you put in. Great ideas, great program, great mementos, great memories! Can I take my Wonder Woman knickers off my head yet???”


“The most amazing thing happened to me this weekend. I was a very grateful participant of an amazing event! You ask why? Because of every women who entered into my life! This has in the first time in 20 years given me the opportunity to fall in love? With who you ask! ME… I hope you understand how truly grateful I am to all of you who facilitated this Retreat, you are beautiful and I am truly grateful”.

“I am struggling to put in to words the gift you gave me- by my participating in the wonderful weekend that you created for us to enjoy. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, you clever women-to dream up such an amazing combination of ways to connect with us about how important self care is. It was the total feeling of a safe space to unfurl, just be and allow whatever to be let go of-something that we aren’t in the habit of providing in our everyday lives… WELL THAT”S GOING TO BE CHANGING IN A SELECT GROUP OF WOMEN”S LIVES FROM NOW ON I”D SAY!!! Thanks again Kate and Jemima, I hope you feel proud of what you created with the gift of such a life altering weekend for us all”