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Audio Grabs

Listen to the women give some insight to others about the recovery process and trauma.

The Firefoxes have been working with sound technician, Brendan Tacey on a project to map the timelines and significant aspects of the recovery journey.  At a monthly dinner with 70+ women , we brainstormed what we saw happening in our community at various times over the past 3 years, when people were feeling certain emotions (sadness, anger, hopelessness, anxiety, joy, relief),  significant milestones, and topics close to their hearts. These included, single parenting in a disasters, mental health, accessing assistance, looking after others, rebuilding communities, relationships, nightmares, working with Government and Agencies and lots more!

The audio is finished and you can access it free on our website, feel free to share it around. Check out Interview with Real Women here…

The hope is that short audio grabs from some of the women will be recorded in the future. These would be available for others to listen to on the Firefoxes website.

If you would like to contribute ideas to this project, please email us!