Firefoxes Australia

Firefoxes Australia brings women together to give them a voice, support them to explore possibilities & is all about fostering a better connected & resilient community. ​ Firefoxes Australia’s purpose is to create a nurturing environment which encourages women to embrace and realise their dreams.

Our aim is to: 

  • Improve holistic health and well-being for women
  • Improve community connectedness
  • Build individual, community and organisational capacity
  • Value and share our lived experience with other communities
  • Respond to change and disruption

Our objectives are: 

  • Empower women to organise regular events and gatherings for their community
  • Nurture women to identify and develop their gifts, strengths, talents and resources
  • Maintaining and nurturing a database
  • Use information technology and social media to link women
  • Provide a platform for women’s voices
  • To maintain the legacy of disaster response and recovery through the lived experiences of women and communities

Statement of Commitment to Child Safety

Firefoxes Australia is committed to ensuring our organisation creates and maintains a culture and environment in which all women and children are safe, by actively listening and empowering women and children to have a voice within our organisation. Firefoxes Australia has zero tolerance for child abuse and domestic violence, if any one raises an allegation or concern this is taken seriously and is responded to immediately. We respect the rights of all women and children and are passionate about providing a safe environment, this includes protecting everyone’s right to cultural safety and diversity.