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Firefoxes Australia

Firefoxes Australia brings women together to give them a voice, support them to explore possibilities & is all about fostering a better connected & resilient community. ​ Firefoxes Australia’s purpose is to create a nurturing environment which encourages women to embrace and realise their dreams.

Our aim is to: 

  • Improve holistic health and well-being for women
  • Improve community connectedness
  • Build individual, community and organisational capacity
  • Value and share our lived experience with other communities
  • Respond to change and disruption

Our objectives are: 

  • To maintain the legacy of disaster response and recovery through the lived experiences of women and communities
  • Empower women to organise regular events and gatherings for their community
  • Nurture women to identify and develop their gifts, strengths, talents and resources
  • Maintaining and nurturing a database
  • Use information technology and social media to link women
  • Provide a platform for women’s voices

Firefoxes Australia Board Members:

President: Michelle Dunscombe

Vice President: Karen McDonald

Secretary: Jenn Martin

Treasurer: Nicole Sevenich

Members: Margaret Main, Diana Falla, Linda Haggar, Julie Reeves, Sue Holmes, Pam Young

Firefoxes Australia board meet once a month in Kinglake on the 1st Monday of the month.

Everyone is welcome to attend our AGM which is held October/November each year.

New members are welcome to attend, please contact our secretary by email or call 0400 578 662 for further information.