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About Firefoxes

FIREFOXES Firefoxes Australia is a grassroots support group that emerged in the Kinglake Ranges in 2009 following the Black Saturday bushfires. In the years since, Firefoxes has touched the lives of thousands of women, men and children in Australian communities affected by fire, flood and cyclone.

The success of Firefoxes is largely due to their commitment to continually ask women what they want or need to ‘create a new normal and realise their dreams’. Responses relate to the need to feel safe and connected, the desire to have fun (to laugh again, indulge, to form friendships), and to build a stronger, healthier, more informed self. FIREFOXES

This sees Firefoxes attending retreats, skiing, sharing meals, participating in family fun days, learning new skills, horse riding, watching theatre shows, connecting with health services, organizing comedy events and much more. Firefoxes also share their recovery journey with each other and in more recent times, with other communities in the hope that their stories will make the recovery journey easier.