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FIREFOXES AUSTRALIA is a group for Women, which evolved following the Black Saturday Fires of 2009. Our goal is to create a nurturing environment, which encourages women to embrace and realise their dreams. By asking women what they want to ‘create a new normal’, FIREFOXES AUSTRALIA have been able to support them by hosting an incredible array of events that bring the community and families together.
The Firefoxes team is in awe of how the incredible women across our communities step up to challenges and support each other. We want to see women celebrated, supported and valued in our communities.

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Recent Events:
• Annual planning workshop, allowing women an opportunity to express what they need to ‘create a new normal’
• Monthly dinners, with guest speakers
• ‘Femergy Rising’ Retreat- March 2017- an opportunity for women to recharge and connect.
FIREFOXES AUSTRALIA, in partnership with local emergency services, coordinate fire preparedness activities, including workshops on emotional resilience and how to include this in planning for the fire season.